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Nobbin, Bobbin & Cobb

A Refugee Story

Nobbin, Bobbin and Cobb live in a moonberry tree. They take care of it and, in return,  it gives them food and shelter. One day, a dark cloud fills the sky and their lives are changed forever. The story of Nobbin, Bobbin and Cobb shows how those who lose everything can get their lives back through hard work and the kindness of strangers.


Praise for Nobbin, Bobbin & Cobb

"Nobbin, Bobbin & Cobb" is a charming children’s picture book about the wonders of the special moonberry tree, masterfully illustrated by the author Tracy Sabin.

Little Cobb, along with his parents, Nobbin and Bobbin, live inside a wonderful, big moonberry tree. In the fall, they pick all the moonberries off the tree, from which they make jars of moonberry jam as well as moonberry bread, giving them plenty of food to eat. They’re all very happy – until the tree is struck by lightning and they must look for a new home…

Sabin gives young readers a folksy tale that also offers important life lessons, such as being self-sufficient and hardworking, but also introduces children to the concepts of tragedy, prejudice, and the unexpected kindness of strangers. The illustrations are exquisite and original, while keeping with the targeted age group. There is a dark and melancholy edge to the book, given what the family faces, and may be most understood and appreciated by children who have faced a similar circumstance, but it is still a sweet tale throughout with an uplifting ending.

Wonderfully life-affirming, "Nobbin, Bobbin & Cobb" has plenty of spirit, color, and character to engage even the youngest of readers.

-Self-Publishing Review