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This Is Our Ocean - The Dream of Clean Seas

When a gust of wind jolts a plastic cup out of your hand, where does it go? This book follows the journey of one such cup as it sails through the air, lands in a stream, spills into a river and floats far out to sea. There it becomes part of a giant pile of trash that threatens the well being of the creatures that live there. The book concludes with a guide to simple ways we can change our habits to create cleaner oceans. Winner of SCBWI’s 2019 Spark Award for excellence in independently published picture books.


Praise for This Is Our Ocean

"The SCBWI Spark Award recognizes excellence in children’s books published through an independent or non-traditional route. SCBWI authors and illustrators who independently published a book in the calendar year of 2019 were eligible to apply. The Spark Award for Illustrated Book goes to "This Is Our Ocean: A Dream of Clean Seas," written and illustrated by Tracy Sabin. A young girl learns the value of re-usable containers when her old plastic cup finds its way to the middle of the sea."

-Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
"The covers are lovely and the promise made to the reader is delivered. The smiles on the front cover are inviting. Overall the story is extremely well written. Each stanza has its own special beat and the vocabulary will reach many ages. The overall pacing is outstanding [...] The visual examples of the garbage piles are heartbreaking. Overall the story is engaging and the individual art scenes are outstanding. The expressions are especially excellent."

-Writers Digest