Since 1973, Tracy Sabin has crafted illustration for a wide variety of clients. He has illustrated over 500 logos. His skills include animation, package design, paper engineering, font design and large scale imagery for public spaces. He has illustrated books for children, including the New York Times bestseller "Castle." His work has been featured in Graphis, Print Magazine, Communication Arts, the Society of Illustrators, and in books and articles about contemporary graphic design and illustration.



It starts  with pencil on paper. Once a  rough sketch has been approved finish art is created  using traditional or digital media. Style choices are determined by the nature of the project and can be roughly grouped into four categories:  linear,   graphic,  painterly  and  realistic.


Pictorial Logos

Tracy specializes in the creation of pictorial logos that integrate illustration in the mark. Typically, he works with design firms in a collaborative effort to uncover the desired expression.  Go to the process page to see how logos are developed. Or visit the thumbnails to see hundreds of illustrated logos from the past 30 years.



Package designs have been created for beverage firms, packaged foods, pet foods, gardening supplies, lithographed tins, holiday treats and board games. The look of a packaged item provides information about the nature and quality of a product and can influence how consumers make decisions about its purchase and use.



Projects include animated clips for messaging apps, animation for email promotions and web banners, informational kiosk animation, promotional instagram animation and ebooks featuring animation on each page. A Tutorial for ebook animation using iBooks Author and AdobeCC is here.



“Castle” is a New York Times bestselling popup book illustrated by Tracy. Projects  illustrated and paper engineered by Tracy include the book “A Visit to the North Pole,”  celebrity birthday cards for MGM, a paper kaleidoscope for Horton Plaza and print and assemble Christmas tree toppers.


Pictorial Maps

Styles range from realistic depictions of landscape to  pen and ink line with watercolor to playfully stylized flat-color maps. Examples include maps for the San Diego Zoo and the Beverly Hills Hotel, maps showing the San Diego Airport layout and location and plot plans for housing developments.


Public Works

Public art commissions include the Kate Sessions fountain mosaic using Italian smalti glass and the Helen Woodward pavement made with tumbled marble. In 2006 a 40’ x 6. 5’ mosaic mural titled “A Day at the Beach” was installed at the San Diego International Airport. Other commissions include wall murals for schools.