Qualcomm messaging emoji

A selection of animated emoji  for Qualcomm's Yagatta messaging system. While the system was operating several dozen emoji, using many different characters, were created.

Mammoth Lakes photos with animation overlay

A number of photos overlaid with white line animation, posted on Instagram, have been created to promote the unique landscapes found at  Mammoth Lakes. This animation makes reference to the ancient lake that once covered the area, populated with exotic prehistoric creatures.

Cox Cable video-email announcement

This short clip was created to help introduce Cox Cable’s video-email service.

Pampers delivery service email

A short animation included in emails alerted customers to a Pampers home delivery  service.

San Diego International Airport holiday greeting

This animated holiday card was posted on the San Diego International Airport website one holiday season.

Metropolitan Transit System kiosk animation

When the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System introduced "tap and ride" cards they included this informational animation on kiosk screens to demonstrate  how the cards are used.

Animation ABC ebook

"Balloon ABC" was an animated alphabet book designed for the iPad. Organized in pairs, the letters of the alphabet were put to work telling 12 miniature stories through animation and sound using a "setup and punch line" dynamic. One plot line spanned much of the book and featured a bulldog hanging on a runaway balloon and a hedgehog caught in an uncontrolled ricochet. This video shows the animation that accompanied each letter.